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    Cupping, a very old form of therapy, is counted among the excretory procedures. This technique has been known in traditional medicine worldwide for about 3000 years.

    During cupping, a vacuum is created on the skin by means of bell-shaped vessels, thus triggering a strong stimulus. This leads to an expansion of blood vessels and increased blood flow, the metabolism is activated. This is supposed to release blockages and stimulate the body's energy flow. Cupping is applied mainly to the back, by attaching the cupping glasses in certain places, different reflex zones of the internal organs are addressed.

    Depending on the indication, different cupping methods are used: dry cupping, bloody cupping, in which the skin is scratched before the cupping glass is applied and blood is drawn out of the body by the vacuum, and cupping massage, in which a cupping glass placed on the skin is moved to expose large areas to the targeted irritation of the cupping.